This offer is for anyone struggling with their advertising. It will help to bring consistent visitors to your website or online offer..

Here’s How You Can Reach New Audiences And Drive High Quality Visitors To Your Website, Offer Or Promotion On A Daily Basis!
(Completely Done For You Advertising!)

Traffic generation is massively important and required to succeed online and offline. It’s your visitors that convert into leads and sales so do not overlook this task.  Even a top converting offer will not be successful if it doesn’t receive good quality and a sufficient number of visitors. This is a critical ongoing task – I like to think of web visitors as people walking into a store – If they stop coming then there is no opportunity to make sales or get any signups. There goes your profits…

Don’t get overwhelmed with traffic. Its important to push through and get as many good quality visitors to your offer or display that you can. There are many potential routes for generating exposure you may choose to use. Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Article Generation, Press Releases, Video Marketing, Classified Ads, Banner Ads.. the list goes on and on.. and on. Ultimately the more eyes that see your offer, the more people you have the ability to convert.

However, not all visitors are made equal. This is crucial for anyone to understand that tries to get visitors to a website for the purpose of converting them into signups or customers. Not everyone will be interested in what you have to offer. People are online for many reasons. Some have money to spend freely, while others do not. Getting in front of the right audiences can provide drastically altered results. This is one place many people go wrong when it comes to traffic generation.


Not everyone will want what you offer,

but locate the right audience and conversions will happen!


There are many different types of people around the globe and online, each with different wants, needs and desires. Freebie seekers for example, love a free opportunity and easily sign up to your list by offering them something of value for free. It can take many communications with them to get them to act and purchase from you, but the potential is there if you educate them. Then there are people performing research on a topic, a product or service that aren’t necessarily ready to buy. With an enticing offer, you can get a portion of these visitors to sign up and convert. Then follow up with them to convert them too. They can easily return and convert into sales or signups once they complete their research and know more. Then there is bot traffic, which in my opinion, is wasted opportunity. Often sources of spam, this traffic is is used to trick traffic counters and provides junk signups while inflating stats. These are not real people but may act like they are while looking at your statistics. Finally, there are visitors actively looking to purchase products and services, quite possibly from a competitor of yours. Just think of the potential of having these people viewing your offer. They are already interested in the type of product or service you offer.. of course these visits have increased potential for a conversion. It’s why you want to track them down so you can get your advertisements in front of them. 

The above rundown covered just a few types of visits you may receive to your site. There is much more depth that I could go in, but I don’t want to get off track. This offer is about getting quality web traffic to your offer after all.. just know the type and quality of visitor you are generating is important to your overall success.

Do not go out and start spamming or be unethical in your attempts to get visitors. I do understand people get frustrated but attempting to trick search engines or blasting spam out to scraped email lists of people, who have not requested you to contact them, is not good business. Untargeted and bot traffic can look real good on your analytics, but it’s more then good analytics you want when it comes to your bottom line.

You want conversions, signups, calls, and sales

that actually benefit your bottom line…

Would you prefer 100,000 visits to your offer and see few actual signups or have 5000 people to your offer with many more people actually taking action and signing up or purchasing? The first case is good for an exposure based marketing campaign, where you want to get your brand in front of people. Make a good impression and get your business or product in their mind. It takes multiple exposures of your brand to make it familiar to them. For a results oriented campaign, obviously seeing more leads, signups and sales is the ultimate goal.

There are many paid traffic sources available that plain out suck and are simply a waste of your time and money. Some trick you into thinking they provide real visitors but instead are suffisticated bots, or have people they pay to click your links. You may have come across some of these yourself. There are those that do work quite well but it still can become incredibly expensive and drain your advertising budget fast if you are not careful. Don’t drain your budget learning to advertise on your own. Invest some of your profits into your advertising and actually grow your business.

Looking for visitors using their desktop computer?

users on their Mobile devices? No Problem!

Now, on to my solution. One that fills a large void for many website and business owners. It provides excellent exposure and fresh ongoing visitors to your site on a daily basis. All you do is signup and provide the info I require.

I will then run advertising campaigns for you. I always aim to provide top quality visits and work hard to continuously be improving on what I can offer.  You will receive exposure daily and this traffic is fully scalable. Need more impressions, no problem at all, just let me know!

i use a variety of great sources in sending traffic to links, websites and offers. I do not disclose my sources as I have accumulated many over the past 10 years of working online. I am Google AdWords certified and can run AdWords campaigns. I am able to target specific industries, countries and regions or keep the campaign global based. Banner creatives may be designed and used but I can also send direct impressions to your site or landing page. For display ads I can target specific websites you may want them to appear on, or filter out any sites that you don’t. I may also use pop up, pop-under, interstital ads and more. Essentially, I work to get quality traffic to your site using methods that work for generating good quality exposure and high quality visits.

These campaigns are suitable for many types of websites, both local businesses and online businesses. This can be your source of traffic to really boost results in affiliate contests, or to generate high quality exposure, leads, sales and calls for your business.


This Is An Opportunity To Grow Your Online Presence.

Your Visitors Are Your Business.. 

Get Them To Your Site And Do Not Let them Down!


How To Get Started

Signup below for one of my enhanced traffic packages. Currently at a large discount as this is a new offering. The prices will be significantly increased once the quality of the traffic I will be providing is seen. Get in now while you can at these great prices.

Once you sign up, I will send a personal email to you in order to collect all the information i require for the campaign. I send this out as soon as I can but you can certainly expect it within 24 hours.

You can do what you want with the visitors once they get to your site. They are real impressions from real people.

I do reserve the right to deny advertising for any site or offer that is against the terms and conditions of any site i use in promotions. I don’t like to promote websites that look super spammy, have popups, or simply do not read well. I’m all about being professional. If I will not promote your chosen site, a full refund will be provided and no campaign will be setup. Once a campaign has started there are no refunds with no exceptions.

Website restrictions: You must not have any popups or auto-playing sound on your website link to use my advertising. Remember I like to focus on quality..  If you have an optin-form currently showing in a popup, transition it either to it’s own page or embed it right on the page itself. Alternatively, create a new page just for the purpose on my advertising campaigns. You will not be disappointed!


Enhanced Geo-Targeted Traffic Campaign

Give a definitive exposure boost to your offer with this geo-targeted campaign. This is my recommended choice for most promotions to start out with as you get good quality, country targeted visitors to your site. Guaranteed to be real traffic, this is an ideal plan for those looking to generate leads, subscribers, and customers targeted to your country. Once the campaign is underway we will be able to optimize based on results to filter down to your desired targeted audience profile.

Click here to get started with an Enhanced Geo-Targeted Campaign


Enhanced Worldwide Traffic Campaign

This is a campaign for bringing Global visitors to your site. This will get your promotion in front of the eyeballs of many potential customers from around the globe. This package is best used when promoting websites and offers that capture leads and sales from people around the world, not targeted to a specific region. Just as above we will be able to filter down to your desired targeted audience profiles based on results. It all starts with getting traffic flowing to your presence.

Click here to get started with an Enhanced Geo-Targeted Campaign


All traffic packages are operated on a monthly basis.

You will be able to monitor your traffic through Google Analytics, Kissmetrics, Piwik or any other visitor monitoring platform.


Additional Web Traffic Offers

Website visitors, the type my enhanced traffic provides, are real people who can sign up for your offers, buy your products, call you, etc. 

However, you might not be looking for this type of top quality traffic. I can also provide what is called Alexa/Adult traffic which helps you increase your alexa ranking. This is much cheaper overall. If 

Alexa ranking is important for your business because it gives an estimate for a websites traffic level and raises your website’s value. If you are looking for Alexa traffic (also known as Adult Traffic), check out my bulk traffic packages. Otherwise, stick with my enhanced packages as it is hard to beat such good traffic anywhere.

Do you have any questions for any of my offerings, don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I work hard for my clients and you will see this once you jump aboard.

Here’s to your ongoing success,

Mark Garland, B.B.A