How professional a company is and how great its products and services are don’t matter so much when a poorly designed website is at the forefront of their web presence. It simply costs customers.  This article may seem basic and straight forward but it is information that is often overlooked on websites.

Thanks to the widespread adoption of digital technology, a website is often the first thing a consumer will see and experience before making a purchasing decision.

People turn to the Internet to research and find products and services now more than ever.  If you own or operate a business, or just sell products on your own, and don’t yet have a website or do but it is outdated – get in touch with me.

If you are unsure if your website is up to the standards of consumers, there are several tell tale signs…

Inferior Functionality

Ensure content, links, videos, and graphics are up to date and running smoothly at all times. There are cases when these issues are unknown, but take a proactive approach to get a problems repaired as soon as possible.  You certainly don’t want potential customers finding outdated information such as phone numbers, addresses, or possibly even worse yet, advertisements.

User Experience:

Consumers enjoy websites that are efficient and easy to use but still appealing with eye-catching options. They easily become frustrated when running into issues.  Subtle changes can mean a drastic difference to the overall experience for web visitors.  Think of a simple link directing a visitor to a website page.  The link can easily be overlooked and missed when placed within content. However, a drastic improvement can be seen by breaking it up, highlighting the link in blue and adding a suitable image with a description of the product.

As an example, below is a link to my web hosting services. You can click on either the title, the description or the image and you’ll be taken to the site. This is managed hosting as I ensure my clients sites are secure, loading fast and working properly.

Managed cloud web hosting services.
I provide fast and secure web hosting for static and ecommerce web sites. All packages come with free SSL certificates installed with no limits of going over bandwidth or running out of space.

Managed cloud web hosting

Tying into user experience, service information and products should always be easy to find and access. Obscure, hard-to-find information is a disappointment for consumers. It makes it difficult to find valid information as quickly and as effortlessly as they can. A good menu can help out a lot. If a visitor can’t find what they are looking for, they will simply leave and visit a competing site.


Categorize products and/or services to make access not only easier for potential customers, but also to let search engines know more detail about what you have to offer. This can not only help increase search engine presence, but makes websites look cleaner while being easier to find information.

A website can benefit from an overhaul if info regarding products and services is scattered sporadically with no apparent order.

Font Sizes, Text, and Search Boxes

Outdated and poorly formatted text, hard-to-read fonts, and eCommerce websites not having a prominent search box all play part in a poorly designed website.

A poorly designed site not designed in a user-friendly way runs the risk of not only losing potential paying customers, but also current ones.

Consumer Research

Consumers often research businesses, products and services before making purchasing decisions. This is true both in-store and online. Just as you wouldn’t want potential customers leaving your business to visit a competitor, the same stays true with websites. Online, consumers easily move on to similar businesses with a better website in order to find what they are seeking. This means it is important to attempt to make your site meet their needs.  A well designed website makes make a huge impact here.

Social Media & Reviews

Word spreads easily online, especially through social media and reviews. There is good potential that information gets shared with others when poor or frustrating times are had. Put some focus on satisfying visitors to minimize any negative experiences.

Most people won’t willingly return to a poorly designed or untrusted website, including, in some instances, current customers.

If you aren’t yet online or have a web presence that is under performing, get in touch with me. I work to enhance your digital presence and let you focus on what you do best – Operate your business. Don’t struggle with a poorly designed website. I focus on high quality web design with proven benefits for your business.  I also provide fast and secure business class web hosting, graphic design, video design and advertising. Essentially, I’ll work hard to improve your online presence and your bottom line.

Here’s to your ongoing success,
Mark Garland B.B.A. (hons)